Roostr connects motivated, experienced and passionate self employed RNs and HCAs with temporary jobs.

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What sets Roostr apart?

Peace of Mind

We won’t accept ‘just anyone’ – all our nurses and carers are rigorously checked

A motivated team

At no cost to employers Roostr professionals are financially rewarded for delivering a 5 star service.

Take Control

Rate the performance of our professionals safe in the knowledge that those who fail to deliver a great service have no place on Roostr

Time is precious

You decide on the role and skills, and we’ll take care of finding your match

Save money

As you set the hourly pay rate, professionals can be engaged at considerably less than agency rates

Rooster is a ‘connection platform’ which connects establishments requiring a temporary nurse or healthcare assistant with self-employed professionals. This is a largely automated process. As Roostr does not employ the individuals directly, the costs to you, the employer, will be 20-30% less than you would expect to pay using traditional agency.

You are in control with Roostr. As an employer, you set the hourly rate you are prepared to pay to fill a shift. You set a starting rate, which is the rate the job is initially advertised at, and a maximum hourly rate so if the shift isn’t snapped up there is scope for a little financial persuasion. This is all automated by our software platform.

Roostr charges a flat rate of £2 per hour commission regardless of the job role or hourly rate the shift was confirmed at. If however the professional who has accepted the job is a Rostr 5 star professional (please refer to our rating system for more details), £1 of your £2 per hour commission goes directly to the professional. This is how we promote excellence and encourage a motivated team at no additional cost to you.

When you upload the profile for your location (nursing/ care home or private job) you will be required to set up a paperless direct debit mandate. Once a job has been matched, you will receive an email including an electronic profile of the professional scheduled to fill your shift. This email will also confirm the hourly rate agreed and notification of the total amount (including the Roostr £2 per hour commission) that will be that will be debited from your account within 24 hours of confirmation of the job. If the job is cancelled by either party (refer to Terms and Conditions), or the shift is longer or shorter than originally agreed the difference will either be debited or credited directly to your bank account upon completion of the shift and confirmation by both parties.

As a manager of a healthcare establishment, care or nursing home, private hospital or hospice you can register with Roostr to find self employed staff. Currently we are unable to offer the Roostr service to individuals seeking private care in their own homes. If you are looking for private care please email us and we can discuss your options.

The Roostr rating system ensures that every professional is rated against 5 criteria by the employer following a shift. Roostr professionals that achieve a 5 star rating will automatically be paid an extra £1 per hour, courtesy of Roostr (not the employer) as a thank you for delivering an exceptional service. Roostr financial rewards = motivated professionals.

The criteria we ask employers to rate our nurses and care assistants against are:-

  1. Reliability & Punctuality
  2. Professionalism (appearance, attitude, team work)
  3. Clinical ability and knowledge (relevant to position)
  4. Communication
  5. Kindness

We vow to only engage THE BEST, therefore we will not allow any professionals with less than 3 stars to work for us (averaged over 3 shifts). Employers take control - rate the performance of Roostr professionals safe in the knowledge that those who fail to deliver a great service have no place on Roostr.

At Roostr we are paving the way for serious changes to the way vacant shifts are filled.

Roostr is simply a very clever piece of software that connects self employed professionals with employers who have temporary shifts to fill.

The platform enables you to register as either a professional or an employer. Roostr will automatically match professionals with temporary shifts as and when the parameters that are set by both parties match.

Time is precious – you upload your requirements for the shift such as job role, specific skills and hourly rate. Let Roostr find your match.

We are focusing on the Bournemouth and Poole area, extending to along the coast as far as Lymington. This is an area with a high density of care homes and a large ageing population. This population dynamic makes recruitment of quality staff difficult in an area with a very high demand for nursing and care work.

Focusing on a small area to launch Roostr enables us to give an unrivalled service to both employers and professionals. We will be delivering local seminars and information days too so look out for Roostr events.

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