Roostr connects motivated, experienced and passionate self employed nurses and carers with temporary jobs.

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Name Your Price You set your hourly rate.
Take Control You choose the rate, the hours, the location to suit you.
By Your Side Our care experts are on hand to support you on your self employed journey
Star Performer Deliver a 5 star performance and earn an increased hourly rate

Because we’ve cut out the middle man, you could earn 10 - 30% more than if you were working through an agency. Roostr gives self-employed nurses and healthcare assistants greater control over their hourly rate, rather than an agency dictating it.

With no hidden fees, but a transparent hourly charge (paid by the employer) every time a temporary shift is filled, you earn more, the employer pays less. Everyone is a winner!

100% of your hourly rate is paid directly into your bank account (within 14 days).

No tax is deducted at source (but do remember to budget for a one-off annual tax bill!).  We’ve compiled some top tips if that helps? Just give us a call.

You get tax breaks too.  So, you can claim expenses like uniform, DBS fees, professional insurance premiums, RCN fees, mileage (up to 45p/mile) …. and that’s just for starters!

All you do is itemise expenses on your end of year tax return and it will come out of your pre-tax income. You could save up to 40%! We can offer support and guidance with the administration of self employment. It’s nothing to be put off by.

If you want greater flexibility, increased hourly rates, faster connections to temporary shifts and you’re a self-employed nurse or carer then register today!

Simply set your chosen parameters; hourly rate, distance from home, availability etc and we’ll send jobs that match your criteria direct to your smartphone.

Although it’s straightforward, we’re happy to guide you every step of the way. 

Firstly, to become self-employed simply register yourself with HM Revenue & Customs for self-assessment.

Once you’ve registered you will be sent a Government Gateway User ID which can take up to 20 working days. You then need to register your business name (probably as a Sole Trader), business information and contact details.

We recommend you keep your financial affairs (payslips from any permanent employment and receipts of payments received via Roostr) organised so when it comes to filing your end of year tax return it’s easy.

To help you keep on top of things once you’re registered as self-employed, Roostr provide appropriate record keeping tools (although you will need to keep it updated), support with how to budget and our friendly team can answer any questions such as: “What is tax deductible?”. Just give us a call, we can help you get started over the phone.

On completion of every shift, you will be Roostr rated by the employer.  If you achieve 5 stars, as a thank you for being fabulous you will automatically get paid an extra £1 per hour (from our pockets, not the employer’s), in addition to your originally agreed hourly rate.

You’ll be scored between 1-5 against the following criteria:

  1. Reliability and Punctuality
  2. Professionalism (appearance, attitude, team work)
  3. Clinical ability and knowledge (relevant to position)
  4. Communication
  5. Kindness

If you score 5/5 in all areas, you automatically achieve a 5 star rating which will show up on your profile for potential employers to see!

Be warned though, because of our commitment to only employing the BEST, we won’t accept any professionals scoring less than 3.5 stars (as an average over 3 shifts).

Be part of the care revolution

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