Roostr connects motivated, experienced and passionate self employed nurses and carers with temporary jobs.

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Save Money

You set what you’re prepared to pay, so care professionals can be recruited direct with big savings on agency fees

Peace of Mind

We won’t compromise on delivering outstanding care

Motivated Team

Access to professionals financially rewarded for delivering a 5 star service

Take Control

With our rating system you have control over the calibre of professionals connected via Roostr

Because we’re a ‘connection platform’ putting employers directly in touch with self-employed professionals we’ve cut out the middle man.  Which means you pay upwards of 30% less than you would have paid through an agency. 

As the employer, we put you in control.  You determine the maximum hourly rate you are prepared to pay to fill a shift. We advertise the shift at a starting rate (determined by the software based on available candidates) and if the shift isn’t snapped up, there is scope for a little financial persuasion up to your agreed maximum rate. This is all automated by our software platform. 

We charge a flat rate of £2 per hour commission for Care Assistants, and £3 per hour for nurses regardless of hourly rate the shift is agreed at.

If you’re looking for experienced and  motivated self-employed temporary staff register today.


Because we’ve developed a rigorous interviewing and vetting process, every registered nurse and healthcare assistant comes fully verified in line with industry standards and our principles of only delivering outstanding service in the care sector. 

Our registration process also includes ensuring Roostr professionals have appropriate Public Liability insurance to practice as a self employed individual.

If you’re looking for private care, please email us and we can discuss your options.

It’s important to us to reward excellence and only connect employers with motivated staff.  So, on completion of every shift, simply score your Roostr professional between 1-5 against the following criteria:

  1. Reliability and Punctuality
  2. Professionalism (appearance, attitude, team work)
  3. Clinical ability and knowledge (relevant to position)
  4. Communication
  5. Kindness

If they score 5/5 in all areas, they automatically achieve a 5 star rating which will show up on their profile for potential employers to see!

To reward excellence they will automatically get paid an extra £1 per hour (from our pockets, not yours), in addition to their originally agreed hourly rate.

Be assured, because of our commitment to only employing the BEST, we won’t accept any professionals scoring less than 3.5 stars (as an average over 3 shifts).

It is important to us that our community of employers rate the professionals after every shift.  This ensures not only that excellence is financially rewarded where it is due (refer to Motivated Staff) but also ensures that we have control over the calibre of professionals using our site. 


We pride ourselves on upholding our promise of only connecting employers with the best professionals. Therefore we need your help to ensure that anyone with an average score of less than 3.5 / 5 over an average of 3 shifts has no place on Roostr. 

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