What Makes Roostr Different To A Care Agency? We Bridge the Gap!

There are hundreds of care agencies dotted around the UK. Each one claiming to give you the best quality staff for the best value for money and find you the best staff. But with agencies acting as the middle man, they are free to negotiate high fees and work in a way that isn’t best for both employer and healthcare professionals.

Engaging self-employed professionals to fill temporary shifts is a concept that is growing momentum across all industries. Whilst it’s a fantastic way to give professionals the flexibility they want in a career, the use of agencies to find and recruit these staff isn’t cost effective.

In the NHS alone, agency nurses have cost upwards on £2.4 billion in one year. This staggering cost was brought in to plug the gaps in wards and community care where there were staff shortages. Overall, 80% of nursing vacancies were filled by bank or agency staff this year alone. An unsustainable number when you take into account the rising agency fees.

But that’s just the NHS, agency costs for nurses and health care workers in the care home sector are soaring. And whilst it might be costing the employer more to hire these staff, it’s certainly not reflected in the pay that the agency nurse receives.

That’s where Roostr comes in. Roostr has been created to bridge the gap between employers and self-employed health care professionals. A software that will enable employers to save money whilst giving the self-employed temporary staff more in their pocket. By cutting out the expensive agency fees and applying a £2 per hour commission, Roostr will give employers the control to not only save money, but find high quality temporary staff.

Roostr strives to connect only the best self-employed professionals to potential employers by allowing employers to control their expenditure. By setting a maximum hourly rate you are prepared to pay, you are then connected with self-employed professionals that meet your criteria.

We also champion the professionals on our system by using a star rating system. This will enable Roostr to financially reward outstanding performance at no additional cost to the employer, giving you highly motivated professionals for your workplace.

To put it simply, Roostr is a connection platform. We connect dedicated and hard working self-employed nurses and health care assistants with employers to fill in the temporary staffing gaps. We do the hard work without the expensive agency fees and we fit in alongside your current recruitment strategies. Join Roostr and be part of the care revolution.