Top Reasons to join Roostr

Whilst signing up to a traditional agency is normally the route self employed health professionals go to get shifts, signing up with Roostr has some top benefits making it a better option and here’s why.

  1. Choice
    You are the one that is free to choose how much you get paid and what shifts you want to do. Our software will pair you up with care homes that match your requirements as well as theirs. Whether it’s distance, earnings or a shift pattern, we are there to pair you up with the correct shifts.
  2. Get paid quickly
    You get 100% of your hourly rate transferred directly to your bank account within 14 working days direct from the employer. This gives you the freedom to know exactly what you are being paid and when. With RN’s receiving an average of £18-28 P/H and HCA’s earning £10-16 P/H. You can set a minimum rate of pay and feel confident in your earnings.
  3. More money
    Alongside being able to choose your own hourly rate, we like to reward the best staff on our books. This is done through a star rating system where you can then earn an enhanced hourly rate for delivering a 5 star service. Keep up that rating and the bonuses will continue to pay out after each shift.
  4. Be your own boss
    Being self-employed gives you the freedom and flexibility to pick your shifts. Whether it’s work-ing around family or childcare, being your own boss allows you to have the ultimate control over your working life. We can support you with registering for self-employment too.
  5. Feel empowered
    Joining Roostr isn’t for everyone and we know that. However we know that those that do join us are confident, highly motivated and feel empowered that they have the choice in their careers and can earn more money in the process.
  6. No commitment
    Joining Roostr doesn’t mean quitting your permanent job. You can work as much or as little as you like with no ongoing commitment. Think of it as a way of topping up your income as and when required.