3 Reasons why agencies are putting care homes in financial crisis.

Friday, October 5, 2018

It’s no surprise that care homes are spending more and more on staffing costs. And with a shortage of permanent staff, homes are turning to agencies to fill their staffing quotas. Unfortunately whilst this is good in the short term, agencies are putting care homes in crisis and here’s some reasons why. 

  1. Agencies cost too much

    It’s not hard to see that the main problem is the cost of agencies. The NHS spent £2.9 billion on agency staff in 2016/17 – down from £3.6 billion in 2015/16, but still £700 million more than in 2009/10. With this having a negative effect on NHS spending, you can see how it can easily affect smaller independent care homes. It’s clear to see that this spending budget needs to be harnessed.

    Whilst it’s easy to use an agency to fill staff, in the long run it’s affecting finances in an already stretched industry. Roostr aim to change this by allowing care homes and employers to pay a set £2/hour flat rate regardless of the total value of the shifts. This allows care homes to control expenditure and set the maximum amount that they are willing to pay.

  2. Nurses are paid less.

    Whilst the price of an agency to an employer might be staggering, it’s not reflected in the pay that a nurse of health care assistant would see. Without transparency, agencies are free to take however much they want for themselves. This means that nurses rarely are paid what they feel they should be valued at.

    With Roostr, we want self employed health care professionals to set their own hourly rate to find a shift that is suitable for them. This gives professionals the security that they know how much they are being paid and puts them in control of their work.

  3. Agencies put themselves before staff

    Traditionally, agencies are more about quantity over quality. This can lead to nurses ending up in a home that isn’t the right fit and is more about filling an empty space than helping the care home in question.

    At Roostr we only connect the best professionals to the jobs. With a star rating system we can reward outstanding performance at no cost to the employer, giving them highly motivated professionals on each shift.

Roostr aim to provide not only a transparent fee for the employer, but also work hard to match up the right health care profession to deliver 5 star quality care. Roostr are the care revolution. Join us today.

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