What Makes Roostr Different To A Care Agency? We Bridge the Gap!

Engaging self-employed professionals to fill temporary shifts is a concept that is growing momentum across all industries. Whilst it’s a fantastic way to give professionals the flexibility they want in a career, the use of agencies to find and recruit these staff isn’t cost effective.

3 Reasons why agencies are putting care homes in financial crisis.

It’s no surprise that care homes are spending more and more on staffing costs. And with a shortage of permanent staff, homes are turning to agencies to fill their staffing quotas. Unfortunately whilst this is good in the short term, agencies are putting care homes in crisis and here’s some reasons why.

Top Reasons to join Roostr

Whilst signing up to a traditional agency is normally the route self employed health professionals go to get shifts, signing up with Roostr has some top benefits making it a better option and here’s why.

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