Roostr connects motivated, experienced and passionate self employed RNs and HCAs with temporary jobs.

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What sets Roostr apart?

One in a million

Most Nurses and Carers will not have what it takes to work for us - but for those that do, the rewards will be unrivalled

Name your price

Imagine setting your own hourly rate

Take Control

Only work at a time and place that suits your lifestyle

Star Performer

Deliver a 5 star performance and earn an enhanced hourly rate

As a self employed nurse or healthcare assistant you can set your hourly rate. Obviously you have to be realistic, but you will feel more in control and valued. Roostr is an on-line software platform without the overheads of a traditional agency; you will generally get 10-30% higher pay than you would if you work through an agency.

You get 100% of your hourly rate transferred directly to your bank account within 5 working days. No tax is deducted at source, but you do have to budget for a one off tax bill. We can help with this and have some top tips for you.

Self employment tax breaks

There are also significant tax breaks you are entitled to as a self employed individual. You can claim back expenses such as mobile phone bills, uniform, DBS fees, professional insurance premiums, RCN fees, mileage up to 45p/ mile…. And the list goes on. These expenses can be itemised on your end of year tax return and will all come out of pre-tax income saving you up to 40%.

We financially reward outstanding performance

In addition to the hourly rate you set for yourself, you will automatically earn and extra £1 per hour (funded by Roostr, not your employer) if you achieve a 5 star rating. See more detail on this under 5 star professionals & our rating system

Refer a friend scheme

You also have the ability to earn without working! When you refer a friend to Roostr you will get commission on every hour they work (as long as you are actively working through Roostr yourself). Help us build our network and get rewarded in the process!

Self employment has some great benefits, and of course there are some disadvantages. However for the motivated, financially astute and progressive nurses and carers out there, it is a no-brainer!

As a registered self employed professional with Roostr you have the ultimate control over your working life. You set your parameters within the software platform (hourly rate, distance from home, availabity, skills you have etc) and jobs that match your criteria will be notified direct to your smartphone.

We don’t want everybody to use Roostr to find work. We want only THE BEST professionals to use Roostr….. why? We believe what sets us apart from the traditional agency is that the professionals who use Roostr are highly motivated, experienced and consider themselves to be outstanding at their job. All professionals will be rated after every shift by the employer. Whilst we offer financial enhancements for those achieving 5 star ratings, we also will not allow professionals with less than 3 stars to find work on Roostr.

Our rating system ensures that every professional is rated against 5 criteria by the employer after a shift. Roostr users that achieve a 5 star rating will automatically be paid an extra £1per hour, courtesy of Roostr (not the employer) as a thank you for being so fabulous and upholding our values in connecting THE BEST professionals.

The criteria we ask employers to rate our nurses and care assistants against are:-

  1. Reliability & Punctuality
  2. Professionalism (appearance, attitude, team work)
  3. Clinical ability and knowledge (relevant to position)
  4. Communication
  5. Kindness

If you get scored 5/5 in all areas you achieve a 5 star rating, an extra £1 per hour for every subsequent shift worked (as long as you retain your 5 stars), and an amazing sense of ‘I’m worth it!’.

We vow to only engage THE BEST, therefore we will not allow any professionals with less than 3 stars to work for us (averaged over 3 shifts). As an awesome professional you therefore will be associated with a highly reputable organisation specialising in quality nurses and care assistants.

At Roostr we are paving the way for serious changes to the way vacant shifts are filled, whilst still ensuring we are scrupulous with our verification, vetting & checking of professionals. At Roostr, only THE BEST professionals will be using our software platform.

Roostr is simply a very clever piece of software that connects self employed professionals with employers who have temporary shifts to fill, or private work to offer.

The platform enables you to register as either a professional or an employer, then it will automatically match staff and vacancies as and when the parameters that are set by both parties are compatible.

To register your interest please leave your email address and we will send you more information by email including more detail about how Roostr works, advantages of self employment and all the documentation you will need to complete full registration.

We are focusing on the Bournemouth and Poole area, extending along the coast as far as Lymington. This is an area with a high density of care homes and a large ageing population. This population dynamic makes recruitment of quality staff difficult in an area with a very high demand for nursing and care work.

Focusing on a small area to launch Roostr enables us to give an unrivalled service to both employers and professionals. We will be delivering local seminars and information days too so look out for Roostr events. As a new company, Roostr will be relying on feedback from it’s users, please let us know what you think.

Becoming self employed means registering yourself with HM Revenue & Customs for self assessment. It is straightforward and we can guide you through this process. Once you’ve registered you will be sent a Government Gateway User ID which can take up to 20 working days. You will then need to register your business name (most likely you will be a Sole Trader), business information and contact details.

You should aim to keep your financial affairs (payslips from any permanent employment and receipts of payments received via Roostr) organised so when it comes to filing your tax return it easy. Roostr will provide you with appropriate record keeping tools to support you; it will be your responsibility to keep it updated. We can also offer some financial support with budgeting and answering any questions such as what is tax deductible.

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